Time Warner Internet

Time Warner Internet

Nowadays there are several cable services but Time Warner internet is the country’s largest service provider and is at times called Roadrunner technically. The company offers particular packages to the clients with its high-quality internet. See more about cable time Warner internet at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_Warner_Cable_Internet

Time Warner internet utilizes cable internet technology even if the firm often refers to its marketing materials as “fiber rich” network.
However it does not have and neither does it use fiber-optic network because it actually delivers internet using its cable network because it delivers internet through its existing cable network.

Time Warner internet provides high-speed internet that is affordable and reliable and you can also get customized package that specifically suits your needs.

Time Warner Internet

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Within the Time Warner internet service’s framework, the choices of internet provided differ mainly in the speed they offer. Wideband Internet is the term used by Time Warner internet to refer to its fastest internet option. Other options include Road Runner internet, EarthLink high-speed Internet and Road Runner with PowerBoost that has extra speed suitable for downloading large files.

The company also provides mobile internet which is not accessible naturally, using a cable line. This mobile internet service is instead a wireless internet service which is accessible from a laptop using a USB plug-in or internet card from the company.

There is a procedure for test timing the Time Warner Internet speed through which you can determine the speed of your internet connection for uploading and downloading files. The information is crucial if you have problems uploading and downloading files. The test pings the computer first before performing the speed test. The speed test verifies results in determining if you are reaching the speeds promised by Time Warner internet. if you need some internet services you can get them all by Clicking Here.

The initial step is selecting the speed test to use. Check the recourse section for the options available. Secondly, click on the button stating “Begin Test” on the speedtest.net. If using Time Warner internet cable, the test begins automatically when the site is ready to measure the speed. The last step is reading the results and is located at the top of your speed test window. Results will be realized regardless of the method you use.

You can lock your time Warner internet as a subscriber. To lock the internet connection, use the “Road Runner password”. Through the “password reset tool” you can reset the password through the web interface. When your internet connection is locked, your network becomes protected while unauthorized users are prevented from hacking into your system or accessing your files. They cannot lock your connection or reset the password without administrative rights.

The first step in locking the Time Warner internet is visiting the Road Runner website, then clicking on “Select your provider” and them on “Time Warner cable” and select your city and state and then on “apply”. Click on the option stating you do not know your Road runner email password. Enter your Time Warner internet email address and submit. Enter the Cable Modem ID located at the bottom of your modem.

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